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Taiwan brainstorms ideas for future handheld devices

Police work and bicycling are two areas that could gain from smarter devices

HTC aids China Mobile in TD-SCDMA push

The HTC deal reflects China Mobile''s efforts to promote the unproven TD-SCDMA standard among Taiwanese vendors and gain credibility for its work on a next-generation 4G standard

Internet slows down following Asian undersea cable trouble

A serious cable fault temporarily disrupted Internet traffic on the APCN2 undersea cable network

Biometric e-passports set to launch in Taiwan

Twenty-three million Taiwan citizens will be issued biometric e-passports by the second half of 2008, under the new National Identity System (NIS) developed by Hewlett-Packard. The project aims to improve the detection of forged or altered passports and to ensure more convenient travel across borders.

Sales of PC-free WiFi Skype handsets taking off

Sales of new Wi-Fi mobile handsets that use Skype Ltd. software and do not require a PC to make calls are gaining momentum ahead of the holidays, companies report.

Taiwan stays with DRAM despite NAND flash trend

Taiwanese chip manufacturers are investing heavily in DRAM production capacity, even as manufacturers elsewhere turn their attention to more lucrative NAND flash production.

Dell to design enterprise products in India

Dell Inc. is setting up a team in Bangalore, India, to design enterprise servers and storage products, a company executive said Friday. The center will do full system design of enterprise and storage products, which will address the design of the board, the BIOS, the chassis, the system's thermal characteristics and acoustics, and software porting.

Pirates steal NEC’s identity

NEC Corp. has been the victim of a large-scale piracy ring that sold both counterfeit NEC goods as well as NEC-branded products that the company does not even manufacture, it acknowledged.

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