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Companies favour virtualization to boost production workloads

Majority of firms worldwide resort to virtual server tech to improve production application workloads, according to a recent survey by Forrester Research

U.S. took China’s place for most malware in 2008

Whether knowingly or not, American computers are making a 'disturbingly large' contribution to the distribution of viruses and span, says Sophos

Sumitomo Mitsui builds largest Japanese financial marketing database

Sumitomo Mitsui is banking on the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse system's analytics capability to enable marketers to 'foresee' customer needs and develop long-term business opportunities

China consumes one-third of global semiconductors

Purchases by manufacturers are growing faster than the industry anticipated, says an industry analyst. However, semiconductor production isn't keeping up with demand

Protecting information said to be key to Hong Kong’s IT future

The head of the Hong Kong Society says information security will be just as important to the city as economic development. Security will be a leading topic at this month's computer conference

Malaysia building center to study cyberterrorism

The government has approved US$13 million to create a non-profit organization to fight online crime. So far 30 countries have agreed to join the entity, which will issue international alerts

Use of illegal software in HK dropped by 2 per cent

An international report shows the city is making progress in checking software piracy. By contrast, in the Asia Pacific region software piracy went up

Mobile payment users to soar: Gartner

Asia leads the world in the uptake of mobile payment and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future

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