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It already feels like summer is oh-so-close to being over, but as some of us try to squeeze in a few days off here and there, this recent post by a terrific CIO blogger is well worth a look.

Yahoo’s new CIO tweeted this story about his new job weeks ago but he’s still getting retweets, proving that a little self-promotional marketing on social media can have long-term ROI.

Infographic of the week. An interesting look at health-care and IT leadership, though I think many of the same additional priorities could be applied to CIOs in almost every sector.

I disagree. I think CIOs will come to understand a lot about data, but they’re more likely to be facilitating the tools and services to let data scientists to their work, not do the work for them.

This doesn’t say so explicitly, but it’s a throw to a McKinsey report on how to properly manage IT talent within an enterprise. I’m reading now and will be offering my take soon on CanadianCIO.

And finally, I’m glad a top social CIO is taking this kind of issue seriously.

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