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Hashtag Trending Mar.26th- Intel co-founder who developed Moore’s Law dies; Nvidia announces new way to speed up chip manufacturing and Microsoft warns other search...

Gordon Moore who gave us Moore’s Law has died, Nvidia announces a way to speed up chip manufacturing by a factor of 40 times...

Hashtag Trending Feb 10th- Bard costs Google $100 billion in market value; GitHub and GoDaddy announce layoffs; Twitter chaos continues

Bard’s mistake costs Google shareholders $100 billion, GitHub and GoDaddy lay off thousands and the chaos at Twitter continues.   Welcome to Hashtag Trending for Friday,...

Hashtag Trending: Yahoo makes $50m breach payout; Mozilla to match Tor Project donations; Algorithm portrait to be auctioned

Yahoo is agreeing to pay $50-million in damages to 200 million people, Mozilla is matching all donations to an open source initiative for better online privacy, and a portrait created by an algorithm is going to be auctioned off.

Former Yahoo owner fined $35 million over massive data breach

U.S. regulator fines company for hiding the breach from investors for two years. Meanwhile sentencing of Canadian involved put off to next month

Canadian faces prison for conspiring with Russians in hacking scheme

Karim Baratov faces up to 10 years in a U.S. prison for stealing email credentials

Hashtag Trending – Uber & NASA team up for flying taxis, Yahoo still doesn’t know how 3 billion accounts were hacked

Uber and NASA are teaming up for flying taxis, Yahoo still doesn’t know how 3 billion of its accounts were hacked four years ago,...

Security breach updates: Yahoo triples original number of accounts affected in 2013 leak, Equifax revises downward

Yahoo triples its estimate of the number of accounts that may have been affected in its massive 2013 data leak, while Equifax significantly reduces its estimate of how many Canadians were impacted by its breach this year.

Verizon’s $350 million discount on Yahoo purchase shows cost of breaches is real

Verizon and Yahoo say the deal is still on after a $350 million discount. But does that really reflect the cost of Yahoo's big breaches?

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