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IT key in changing the nature of work: N.Z. report

Technological advances could help the country tackle its pressing productivity problem, according to a labour department study, by creating demand for people with more skills

Virtualization leader is Down Under

Australian businesses are using the technology at twice the rate of the rest of the world, say some experts, because it saves money and energy.

Study: Enterprises have the will, lack the funds to go green

Money talks, goes a saying, and in the case of organizations hoping to "green" their IT departments it may be true. A study shows Australian and New Zealand organizations want to reduce their IT impact on the environment but aren't giving the departments funding for it

Microsoft unveils first OS for portable navigation devices

Windows Embedded NavReady 2009 is aimed at companies building handheld electronic navigation devices and includes several features to make them Web-friendly

Aussies take their cue from Canada on breach notification

Canadian data breach notification guidelines - jointly created by the Information and Privacy Commissioners for British Columbia and Ontario - have made their way to the land down under. Last week, Australian Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis released the Voluntary Information Security Breach Notification Guide, which aims to assist organizations in effectively responding to information security breaches.

Aussies follow Canadian lead on breach notification

Both New Zealand and Australia have modeled their guidelines for telling customers about IT security incidents on a jointly-created British Columbia and Ontario privacy document. Is Ottawa paying attention?

Virtualization’s not so cool, say New Zealanders

A study of the island's business and IT leaders shows some interesting attitudes on environmental issues

SOA tops CIOs wish lists

According to IDC's Forecast for Management (FFM) Survey, half of responding CIOs have SOA in their 2008 budgets. "This is interesting as many IT industry participants first saw SOA as another standards and application development paradigm wave that would just fade away," said Melissa Martin, an analyst with IDC Australia.

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