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MIT guru hails government self-service

Digitizing services is the best way to measure the delivery of government programs and allows the creation of more interesting jobs, says Peter Weillrnrn

Study: Enterprises have the will, lack the funds to go green

Money talks, goes a saying, and in the case of organizations hoping to "green" their IT departments it may be true. A study shows Australian and New Zealand organizations want to reduce their IT impact on the environment but aren't giving the departments funding for it

New Zealand Health SAN collecting dust since 2006

Originally, IBM was to host the system, but the plan became fouled up

New Zealand’s health IT progress questioned by whistle-blowers

Concerned health sources say the New Zealand Ministry of Health's National Systems Development Programme (NSDP) hasn't delivered in its first two years and is in danger of becoming another INCIS.

Mobile mapping helps tsunami-hit Aceh

Mobile geographical information systems have proved their worth in the wake of the Dec. 26 tsunami in Asia.

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