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Who to follow on Twitter on #FollowFriday

For Facebook, there's sending friend requests, and for Google Plus, you add people to your circles. But as anyone who has a Twitter handle knows,...

Telus works with OCAD to design future handsets

The Ontario College of Art & Design launches a program that will offer students the chance at creating wireless devices that the incumbent could manufacture through a third party. Find out what the post-iPhone world might look like

Bill Clinton pushes the power of IT at wireless conference

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton praised the power of IT saying it should be harnessed to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in the U.S. and abroad. Clinton advocated an electronic medical records (EMR) law and said blogs could aid the U.S. political process in his keynote address at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Orlando, Fla.rn

Intel to unveil new processor for phones, PDAs

Intel Corp. will unveil its latest microprocessor aimed at cellular telephones and PDAs (personal digital assistants) on Tuesday next week, the company said Wednesday.

Wireless revolution victim of bad timing

At a recent Yankee Group conference, forecasts were made about the future of the mobile industry. Among these, analysts predicted that by 2005 more than 42 million people in the enterprise will wirelessly exchange e-mails and manage other data applications.

Trigger needed to push wireless solutions

At a recent Yankee Group conference, forecasts were made about the future of the mobile industry.

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Aug. 26-27 OttawaWireless Industry Congress 2002At WIC2002, investors, innovators and manufacturers will discuss trends, emerging technologies, infrastructure...

Lawmakers urge progress on wireless 911

Now that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have led to a heightened focus on improving the country's emergency response systems, the need for enhanced 911 telephone systems that can pinpoint the location of wireless callers has been bumped up lawmakers' priority lists in Washington, D.C.

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