Articles Related to Windows Server

Backdoor is being installed in Microsoft’s IIS web server, warn Kaspersky researchers

Dubbed SessionManager, it is believed to have been deployed since early 2021

Microsoft pulls Windows Server updates causing domain controller boot loops, Hyper-V issues

January's Patch Tuesday left many Windows Server admins in a very bad place: domain controllers in boot loops, unavailable ReFS volumes, and Hyper-V refusing...

Admins urged to patch Windows Server immediately to close vulnerability

The critical patch for Windows Netlogon bug has been available since August 11, but security agencies in the U.S. and Canada think some organizations have still not installed it

Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2010 has its end of support pushed back by nine months

Microsoft Corp. is pushing back its January 14, 2020 end of support date for Exchange Server 2010 by nine months.

Windows Server 2016: Two takes on a new data centre OS

The latest version of the data centre stalwart includes more security and virtual machine advances. Why CIOs should be interested

WinServer 2003 end of support is only days away: What CISOs should do

Still have a server running a 12-year old OS in your environment? It's not too late to do something

Weigh pros and cons carefully before leaving Windows 2003: Expert

The four main things you need to consider before making the big move

4 critical Windows Server 2012 features

Implementation tips to make the most of Windows Server 2012

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