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New Windows 10 update 2004 bug breaks Storage Space feature for some users

New Windows 10 update 2004 bug breaks Storage Spaces.

Virtualization and the ubiquitous OS

The interest in Microsoft alternatives such as Linux and Mac OS X is growing stronger by the day and recent events - such as the alliance between Novell Inc. and Microsoft Corp. has done nothing to change this.

Open source making inroads

Dale Sinstead needed to improve the collaborative technology between Pioneer Petroleum

Event to highlight desktop Linux, security

Just three years ago, few IT people were thinking about the use of Linux on the desktop at their companies. But today, as Linux has moved into more corporate IT plans and systems, desktop Linux and the widespread use of the operating system isn't as far-fetched

MS antitrust: Court shoots down Massachusetts appeal

A U.S. appeals court has rejected an effort by the commonwealth of Massachusetts and two IT industry groups to overturn the antitrust settlement between the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Microsoft Corp.

IDC: Server demand continues to grow

Demand for servers grew worldwide for the third consecutive quarter as businesses continue to increase spending in IT equipment after years of financial restraint, according to sales figures released last month by International Data Corp.

Microsoft posts revisions to security bulletins

Do you know how to say "Whoops!" in Czech? Staff at Microsoft Corp.'s headquarters may be asking themselves that question this week after two software patches the company released last week caused problems on foreign language versions of the Windows operating system and Exchange e-mail server.

European Court ruling could affect Microsoft case

In a move that might affect the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case in the European Union, a senior judge at the European Court of Justice said Thursday that IMS Health, the largest collector of pharmaceutical sales and prescription data in the world, might be abusing its dominant position by refusing to license the way it organizes its information about the German market to rival NDC Health.

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