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Build 2016: four key announcements made at Microsoft’s developer conference

The Redmond, Wash-based company is focused on software development models, mobility, and the cloud

10 must-see updates from the Microsoft Build keynote

How Windows 10 will work across different devices, the official name of Microsoft's new browser, demos with the HoloLens and more

Is Google’s GCE ready to take on Amazon’s EC2?

Google Cloud Engine still lacks in depth and breadth of feature sets but it could be a viable alternative to Amazon Web Services, according to one industry analyst.

4 things Microsoft should do according to Ballmer

A few months before he’s supposed to step down as the chief executive of Microsoft Corp., Steve Ballmer said company must make sure the...

What Canadian developers are building on Azure

Following the unveiling by Microsoft of new capabilities for its cloud platform, two Canadian developers discuss what they think of the additions and how they are using Azure. How competing mobile development platforms are pushing the cloud

Vancouver grads build game with government data

Open data can change the gaming industry, says one grad student who co-developed TaxiCity. The Web-based driving game uses Silverlight, Bing Maps and the City of Vancouver's Open Data Catalogue

Software developers jump on the cloud bandwagon

Where cloud delivery makes sense, developers find they need to make few significant adjustments in app development methods. Reasons developers like the cloud

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