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Android, Chrome to stay separate for now

Google will continue to invest separately on Android and Chrome, according to Sundar Pichai

Mobile trend hurts IE, Firefox

Internet Explorer still accounts for largest desktop usage but its weak mobile presence has hurt its overall standing

Final release of IE10 for Windows 7 coming soon?

Reported Microsoft email to testers hints at early release of the browser but others say bugs still plague the IE10 -Windows 7 build

Novell Moonlight 4 gets beta version

The open source Linux implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application plug-in will offer out-of-browser capabilities as well as hardware-accelerated 3D graphics

Report: Google scraps Windows over security issues

Google is snubbing Microsoft's Windows operating system, citing security issues with the OS, a new report says. Find out more

Firefox regains some lost browser share ground

Firefox accounted for about 24 per cent of the browsers that surfed the client sites that NetApplications monitors. Chrome's market share hits 6 per cent, IE unaffected by EU ballot, says the research company


On Day 2 of its annual MIX10 developer conference, Microsoft gives a sneak preview of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9. In addition to showing off hardware-accelerated HTML5 support, the company also outlines its commitment to community standards

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