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Making the Journey to HTTP/2

Sometimes, a familiar adage observes, that bright spot up ahead is light at the end of the tunnel. Other times it's an onrushing train. And...

HTML5 won

Flash can do things HTML cannot, said an Adobe exec. One Toronto Web designer expresses frustration over lack of Flash support in the iPhone and iPad

Microsoft, Adobe have confidence for Silverlight, Flash

Execs at the Open Source Business Conference speak of a symbiotic relationship between the HTML5 standard and their proprietary plug-ins for Web apps

Microsoft releases MVC upgrade for building Web apps

ASP.Net MVC 2 provides improved Visual Studio tooling support, strongly typed HTML helpers, and enhanced model validation support

Adobe AIR 2.0, full Flash Player coming to smart phones

Adobe Systems said the goal is to give desktop and mobile users the same capabilities for AIR and Flash, and to give developers a common runtime and set of APIs. Expect AIR on Android and BlackBerry devices

Google unveils open source development tools

Google releases as open source several of its core application development tools, including Javascript compiler and Javascript libraries, to help developers build faster Web apps

Salesforce connects to Google App Engine

Results from the new hook up remain to be seen, but some analysts foresee faster development of new CRM, business and front-office applications

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