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How editing a URL allowed crooks to access Experian credit reports

Identity thieves discussed the trick on a Telegram text messaging channel, says a security researcher

OpenSSL vulnerability now rated ‘high’ but should be taken seriously

One worry is the vulnerabilbe OpenSSL 3.0 is embedded in firewalls, VPNs, switches and routers

Shadow APIs a key target for malicious attacks, reveals new report

Malicious API requests targeting unprotected application programming interfaces (API) are the top threat in the industry, a new research report by Cequence Security revealed. To...

Supply chain vulnerability – Can too many vendors make you less secure?

"How many vendors does it take to make a business successful?" But if that number of vendors makes you more open to a cybersecurity breach, it's no joke.

How an ordinary threat toppled an extraordinary security program

As one of three main credit reporting agencies in the United States, Equifax is responsible for storing an enormous amount of highly sensitive personal...

Why some companies are being plagued by the same botnets

A simple link is sent via an email address that appears valid. A pop up comes up on a site regularly visited advising it’s time...

No more free bugs

A keynote at Virus Bulletin 2012 focuses on the world of selling vulnerabilities

Users neglect Java patches, leave attack door wide open

A security expert from Qualys says Oracle should distribute Java fixes on Microsoft's update service

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