Jason Barr

I’m a technology consultant who focuses on unifying IS/IT and security to bridge the business divide. My practice centers around digital transformation and efficiency as a virtual CIO/CISO to help companies reach their strategic objectives.

Articles by Jason Barr

Building a basic risk program? Remember these 4 steps

This blog is targeted towards small to medium businesses to implement a simple risk program.

Security and efficiency, disparaging partners or complimentary pairs?

There’s an imaginary line that lives between efficiency and security and generally speaking, those that straddle these two are prone to falling towards one or the other side. I’d like to suggest that these two concepts are actually complimentary.

Cyber insurance pitfalls – why you need to read the fine print

Cyber insurance in particular is such a new space, many buyers aren’t aware of the pitfalls associated with these policies. Here are some pointers to help you on your quest for appropriate cyber insurance coverage.

Three key documents you need BEFORE you have a security breach

Every minute you waste during a crisis reduces your chances of recovery and wastes valuable resources. Wasted time can be avoided with the creation of three documents.

Supply chain vulnerability – Can too many vendors make you less secure?

"How many vendors does it take to make a business successful?" But if that number of vendors makes you more open to a cybersecurity breach, it's no joke.

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