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LinkedIn collaborates with CLEAR to bring free identity verification to Canadian users

Professional social media platform LinkedIn is teaming up with CLEAR, a secure identity company, to introduce free identity verification services for its users in...

Digital identity verification spend to exceed $20 billion globally by 2027, study reveals

New research from Juniper Research has found that spending on digital identity verification checks will reach US$20.8 billion globally in 2027, an increase from...

Important discussion about digital ID in financial services

Digital has brought financial services consumers convenience, access to new services, and access to a more competitive market overall. However, it has also brought...

How to get verified on Twitter

Getting verified on Twitter takes six steps and some documentation work, but the credibility boost can be worth it.

Biometrics could guard Australian borders by 2010

The biometric data of each person entering Australia could be permanently stored in a central repository for identity verification and cross-checking between federal government departments, national and international anti-identity fraud efforts, and border control systems.

Microsoft security team probing new Word flaw

Microsoft's software security team is examining a new flaw in Word but is uncertain when it can release a patch to the vulnerability that opens a gateway for hackers to grab control of a victim's computer.

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Big bank goes phishing

The thing about security is, well, security happens, and sometimes it doesn

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