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How the travel industry can provide customer experiences that balance safety and convenience

With COVID-19 prevention as a top priority for airlines, hotels, and resorts, almost every step of the customer journey is now executed through an application or similar digital tool.

10 ways to explore the world in isolation

I don't know about you, but I need a vacation. One that doesn't include the four walls of my home. And while at the moment we're still stuck in isolation, unable to go farther than the grocery store, there are still virtual ways to see the world – and indeed, the universe.

3 coolest gadgets at Pepcom

Check out the coolest gadgets at Pepcom!

Travel tech for the busy exec

Remember when getting there was half the fun? Me neither. Business travel can be extremely tedious, and very annoying. But with the right tech,...

WestJet launches AI chatbot to improve customer experience

WestJet Airlines Ltd. has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot, the first of its kind for a Canadian airline. The low-budget airline made the...

This just in: the government of Canada now has an eDeclaration app

Canadian business travellers frustrated by the ritual of fumbling for a pen to fill out their declaration cards one hour before their plane lands might be surprised to learn they have a paperless option.

Wanted: Your best travel apps

Let us know what mobile apps you've found useful in your global travels

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