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Data points: 5 technology executives share the metrics they can’t ignore

What data do you keep your eye on? Whether you obsessively track your performance metrics multiple times a day or peruse a weekly report, most...

Israel’s guide to securing the national electrical grid

Israel is about a decade ahead of where critical infrastructure operators in North America are with cybersecurity, estimates one Toronto Hydro executive. We're visiting the country to hear about its best practices first hand.

The Green Issue

Experts tell us where we're making progress reducing IT

Toronto Hydro pays customers to power down

Toronto Hydro is offering financial incentives to companies that reduce their energy consumption in data centres through virtualization and data centre consolidation projects. The Data Centre Incentive Program is supported by the Ontario Power Authority

Toronto schools to get Gigabit fibre

Cogeco Data Services was awarded a contract to connect 600 schools over three years using fibre formerly owned by Toronto Hydro. How this will help students with multimedia assignments

Vancouver firm uses radio to teach laptop security

Absolute Software writes prepared scripts that discuss the dangers of mobile computing and how they could avoid them. IDC and Info-Tech wonder: Is this user education or fear-mongering?

The Wi-Fi divide widens between Fredericton and Toronto

In a little more than a month from now, users of the country's largest Wi-Fi network - Toronto's recently launched One Zone - will begin paying up to $29 a month for the privilege of cruising the information highway wirelessly.

Tale of two cities

The WiFi divide between Fredericton and Toronto resides not in technology or funding but rather in vision and political will, according to an information studies professor.

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