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Work From Home For Rest Of Year? Some Tech Companies Say ‘Yes’ – Forbes

Love it or hate it, the work from home trend will continue as countries battle against COVID-19. In fact, many prominent tech companies say...

Microsoft says terrorist attacks won’t deter Mumbai tech industry

Multinational companies in India shocked but unfazed by terrorist attacks in Mumbai

Uganda software incubation centre takes off

East Africa's first software incubation centre has opened to spur application developers. The goal is to help graduates 'give birth to their dream software projects'

Blogosphere: Fired! Microsoft’s CIO scandal

This issue's Blogosphere looks at bloggers thoughts on the surprise dismissal of Microsoft's Scott

Anthropologist goes from iguanas to Intel

Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist at Intel Corp. whose job it is to travel the world and live among different peoples to figure out what they actually want from technology, instead of what Intel thinks they want. She reports back to the company and stops it from pursuing daft ideas like trying to create the paperless office, which a good anthropologist could have told you 10 years ago is never going to happen. People like paper, Bell said in an interview this week. "It's what anthropologists call a persistent and stubborn artifact."

Gov’t ouster leaves IT jittery in South Indian state

The government of Chandrababu Naidu, the tech-savvy chief minister of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, was defeated Tuesday by a landslide, making the IT industry, including a number of multinationals with operations there, a trifle jittery.

Tiscali named Europe’s fastest-growing tech company

The full list of Europe's 500 fastest-growing technology companies was announced during the 2003 Deloitte European Technology Fast 500 award ceremony for chief executives in the Natural History Museum, London.

HOT CITIES : Bangalore

Don't look in Bangalore for boarded-up offices and laid-off chief executive officers of technology companies working as gas station attendants. The city has done relatively well for itself during the downturn, as multinational companies looking for low-cost, skilled manpower increased their outsourcing to Bangalore or expanded their own research and development facilities in the city.

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