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Cyber insurance: a growing industry now necessary for businesses

In a world where security breaches and cyber attacks have increased in recent years, businesses are looking for new ways to defend themselves. As a...

Most enterprises lack risk strategy, fear damage to reputation: Ponemon Institute

A survey shows organizations fear reputational damage will result from a general lack of risk management capability. Though some industries are better than others.

Social selling should focus on engagement, not the hard sell

Social selling is a nuanced process that involves real relationship building, and a give and take type of transaction

Investigators took only a week to crack bulk of Target’s passwords

After the infamous breach Target hired an outside team to find out how bad its IT security was. Here's what they found

Why boards should be paying close attention to cyber security

It wasn’t too long ago that cyber security wasn’t even on the radar of most senior executives and boards of directors. The security team...

The CISO of Bombardier on Target, Sony and the changing nature of risk

Edward Kiledjian says boards are beginning to take security more seriously, but he suggests companies will need a new breed of security specialists to protect data

The legal tussle involving HBC’s new CIO may end up being the least of her challenges

Kohl's goes to court to try and prevent its former IT leader from joining one of Canada's best-known retailers. Now Janet Schalk faces a huge job

Dell CSO shares lesson from Target breach

'You don't get fired for being breached,' Dell's CSO tells the Toronto audience of a recent health-care event. It's how you react that could make the difference.

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