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Stop tool sprawl and deliver quality application performance

At a time of unprecedented technological change, IT departments around the world are turning their attention to the challenges of tool sprawl.When new tools...

Is software really eating the world?

Marc Andreessen stated in a 2011 New York Times essay that, “software is eating the world.” Five years later, it would be instructive to see if he was right on the money

Siebel broadens CRM approach with new offering

Siebel Systems Inc. will ship the latest version of its customer relationship management (CRM) eBusiness applications globally in the fourth quarter, the company announced in September.

NetQoS management taps into Cisco

NetQoS Inc. last month debuted a software and hardware package designed to help network executives pinpoint bandwidth-hogging applications that slow down a Cisco Systems Inc.-based network's performance.

How can you be sure you are not holding terrorist funds?

Complying with UN Security Council Resolutions and USA Executive Orders regarding Terrorist Funds is now a pressing need for computer systems around the world.

News Briefs

Kryos Systems simplifies managing Web sites 

The great ESCape

Public Works and Government Services Canada, the purchasing arm of the federal government, has quietly launched an ambitious program to make federal procurement systems and processes fully electronic.

From Y2K to ESD

In the months following the Y2K transition, governments and institutions around the world produced follow-up reports, complete with recommendations and lessons learned. Now, with more time behind us and, for the federal Information Technology community at least, a 2004 deadline looming for Government On-line, Lac Carling Governments' Review spoke with executives across the country to see which lessons have taken -- and which might be useful in terms of electronic service delivery.

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