Articles Related to SWIFT

Despite AI, infosec leaders have ‘job security forever,’ conference told

Don't worry about AI taking the jobs of CISOs, a panel at the SIBOS 2023 conference in Toronto was tols

Federal and provincial governments to bring high-speed internet to over 1500 homes and businesses in Huron County

The governments of Canada and Ontario have announced an investment of more than C$3.8 million to bring high-speed internet service to 1,570 families, farms...

Perfect updates Swift assistant for backend mobile deployment

Perfect Assistant 2.0 uses containerization on Mac to locally compile and run Swift programs on Linux

Swift development sees fast uptake since being open sourced

Apple’s language was a huge step up from Objective-C, but a full-stack developer who can do both front end and back end well is still rare breed

IBM deepens Apple partnership by driving Swift in the enterprise

The new tools, designed to accelerate adoption of mobile and cloud, are geared for developers coding server-side Swift

Europe extends antiterrorist data-sharing deal with US

Europe extended a controversial program on Monday that hands over information on international financial transactions to the U.S. for antiterrorism purposes.

National Bank nets bargains from IT

One out of two is OK. Two out of two is definitely better. How about three out of two? A 150 per cent return? Now we

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