Newmarket, Ontario’s PerfectlySoft Inc. was chomping at the bit nearly two years ago for Apple to open source its Swift development language, and it continues to grow its toolset with an update to its Perfect Assistant software.

As a compiled language, a developer needs to compile their Swift code down into one file to put on a server once the code is written. This offers both security and performance benefits: no one can access the code once its compiled, and the compiler does a lot of the work upfront that non-compiled languages do while the program is running. However, if you’re a developer writing Swift on your macOS system, you don’t have a great way to check your work on Linux during coding.

Perfect Assistant 2.0 uses containerization on the Mac to locally compile and run Swift programs on Linux so developers can catch Linux-specific compilation and runtime errors on the fly before the compiled filed is deployed to the actual server, which saves on development time.

The latest version of Perfect Assistant also includes an entire deployment suite compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform so developers can deploy their code to a server with a single click. It also manages an app’s dependencies and will ensure it has a suitable and secure environment on the deployment server.

PerfectlySoft developed its free, server-side Perfect framework for the Swift programming language in anticipation of Apple open sourcing Swift, which it did two years ago, so that developers could use the same language for the front end and back end.