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Apple launches $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund

Apple has announced a US$50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund that will broaden access to learning opportunities and skills development for its suppliers' employees.  As...

CIOs and suppliers: Making the most of the relationship

Here are are five ways to build a better relationship between CIOs and suppliers

How to sack your IT supplier

CIOs often need to part ways with third party firms for all kinds of reasons, from performance-related concerns to wanting to reduce costs. Consider these factors

IT Manager

Sooner rather than later, executives in the C-suites are going to look at the IT budget for fat to trim. With a good understanding of the business -- and a good plan -- you can survive the economic storm

Microsoft proposes ‘pay-as-you-go’ PC

Microsoft Corp. has applied for a patent that would essentially monitor and bill users for the amount of computing horsepower and storage space used during a set period

The rewards of 21 billion lines of data

A Groupe Aeroplan subsidiary offers retailers and suppliers analysis run against all purchase data in the last two years -- "a platinum mine" for users, according to one analyst. SEE VIDEO DEMO BELOW.

Open-source developers set out software road map for 2020

Rosy vision painted of open source in the mainstream of the software industry, championed by CIOs wary of vendor lock-in

Gobi wireless chipset to ship in Toughbooks in October

Qualcomm says the CDMA chips will make it easier to manage a fleet of laptops and allow users to switch to HSPA networks while they

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