Gary Davenport

Gary is the President of the CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) which represents approximately 300 CIOs across Canada by growing IT leaders, speaking with one voice on issues facing CIOs and building a vendor-neutral community for the safe exchange of ideas and best practices.

Articles by Gary Davenport

You might be a “CIO Luddite”

As a follow-up to "Long live the new CIO," here are are some lighthearted attempts to define “CIO Luddites” in the world of the "new CIO."

Long live the “new” CIO — but don’t forget the lessons from the past

What is the “new CIO"? They communicate in the language of the business (not techno speak), challenge the status quo, stay current on trends, and are aware of external threats -- all while remembering lessons from the past with respect and value.

CIO leadership fundamentals: Managing the money

From my viewpoint, “managing the money” is one of the key skills and competencies for any successful CIO and is the fourth CIO leadership fundamental

CIO leadership fundamentals part 3: Building core capabilities

In this third blog in the series, a high level approach is outlined on how best to go about building core capabilities, from a practitioner’s perspective

CIO leadership fundamentals part 2: Relationships do matter

Gone are the days of the CIO being able to do it on their own or being able to snap their fingers to get what they want when they need it

CIO leadership fundamentals part 1: Strategy comes first

The first thing a CIO should remember is to define their own strategy for moving their organization forward in a productive and positive manner

European and Canadian CIOs – challenges and opportunities in the new year

It is clear that the challenges and opportunities facing CIOs in Europe are very similar to those of Canadian CIOs

CIO Award Winners: what does it take?

What does it take to become an award winner for IT in a climate where it seems as if IT projects are always failing?

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