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Meta builds AI Research SuperCluster for future AI and the metaverse

Meta believes that its new AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will be among the fastest AI supercomputers running in the world once it’s fully built. The...

Sberbank Unveils Second Supercomputer to Enhance AI

Chief Technology Officer David Rafalovsky of Sbernak announced Wednesday that a second supercomputer and artificial intelligence enhancements will include Sberbank's advanced digital services, which already include cloud computing and virtual assistant software.

Ottawa unveils $430 million supercomputer for weather forecasts

The new supercomputer is billed as the government's fastest and will help with more accurate weather forecasts relied upon for critical functions.

HP makes supercomputer for enterprises

HP Discover 2014: Using advanced techniques HP is squeezing more CPU power per rack

Supercomputer time to boost U.S. competitiveness

Companies pay "fair portion" of operating costs for projects that improve competitiveness, foster tech advances and develop HPC skills

Technology News Gallery: June 28

Turing centennaryAlan Mathison Turing (June 23, 1912 - June 7, 1954) was a British mathematician, logician, and cryptographer. Turing is often considered to be...

Profs to measure energy consumption of supercomputers

Virginia Polytechnic computer science professors plan to rate Top500 List of supercomputers on the basis of energy efficiency, over concerns it can cost up to $4 million a year per year to run a mega system

IBM supercomputers fastest: Top500 list

IBM Corp.'s supercomputers continue to be the fastest in the world, according to the latest Top500 list of the speediest machines released Wednesday. The company snagged six of the top 10 spots, including the coveted number one and two placings while widening the performance gap between its machines and those of its competitors.

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