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Hashtag Trending Jan.25- New tool against vulnerabilities in open source AI models; AI behind doomsday?; 40th birthday of Macintosh

Researchers find huge vulnerabilities in open source AI models, a travel company sees a surge in popularity of the filter than allows you to...

Hashtag Trending Apr.12-U.S., Spain and China investigate ChatGPT; New service to create malicious Android apps; Unseen interviews, emails and speeches of Steve Jobs revealed...

More regulators move to investigate ChatGPT, a new service to create malicious Android apps and Steve Jobs’ is still “making things wonderful.”    These stories and...

VMware’s CEO has a hilarious Steve Jobs story that explains the BYOD nightmare

Pat Gelsinger makes his first visit to Canada as the virtualization firm's CEO and cites a local customer that is demonstrating why the software-defined data centre makes sense

Steve Wozniak talks about the IT culture clash

Apple co-founder tells a Toronto audience that rebellious minds in an organization can lead to brilliant ideas

Steve Jobs bio: A Canadian IT director’s review

The former IT director for the Region of Peel gives his perspective on the holiday season's hottest-selling book. Why the late Apple CEO mattered

Apple’s iPad beats iPhone to million unit mark

CEO Steve Jobs says the company has sold one million "magical" iPads. The company added that iPad users have downloaded more than 12 million apps onto the tablet computer

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