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CIO leadership fundamentals part 2: Relationships do matter

Gone are the days of the CIO being able to do it on their own or being able to snap their fingers to get what they want when they need it

Opinion: 10 secrets of bad CIOs

In my decade as a CIO, I've seen a lot of turnover in the IT industry. Each time I hear about a CIO being fired, I ask around to learn the root cause. Here's my list of the top 10 ways to be a bad CIO.

Why big government IT projects fail

Any technology can be said to improve a government's operations and inefficiencies, but it doesn't matter how sophisticated the programming or equipment is if left underutilized. Just because you build it, doesn't mean anyone will actually use it. Without appropriate consideration to adoption, a project can be destined to fail.


The registration process between business and citizens and Canadian government's at all levels through digital and alternate accompanying channels is the focus of InterGovWorld's current news coverage of all types of government registration.

Manage your stakeholders

An executive at a large professional services firm was recently bemoaning the state of his company. But it wasn't the economy or competition that was irritating him most.

IT politics

With IT reaching every part of a company, IT implementations need collaborative work teams. Without a collaborative perspective, IT may find disgruntled employees standing in the way of a project

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