The registration process between business and citizens and Canadian government’s at all levels through digital and alternate accompanying channels is the focus of InterGovWorld’s current news coverage of all types of government registration.

InterGov World is your best possible resource on the Web for the Canadian government’s nature, vision and goals for connecting business and citizens through digital and alternate accompanying channels in the municipal/regional, provincial and federal government’s registration decisions decisions. provides the leading and most authoritative coverage and reporting of the process by which all three levels of Canadian government connect with businesses and citizens through digital and alternate accompanying channels. creates leading and authoritative original news content and aggregated content about Canada’s governmental initiatives from anywhere on the Web.

A key area of focus for the InterGovWorld web site is the development of government registration initiatives for Canadian government managers to share. To encourage information sharing among government managers, our coverage is organized for your ease of use, according to every Canadian government registration and channel type.

Registration types include the formal policies of all three levels of government: municipal-regional, provincial, and federal. Registration coverage is continuously updated, 24/7, and categorized by information on laws, regulations, and other official documents that enable connection. sub-categorizes relevant and important content by governmental registration areas of expertise that are focused on Canada, including the following:

– Enabling registration links to and provides all Canadian government information on factors that facilitate successful connection with the municipal/regional, provincial and federal levels of government.

– Registration process links to and provides the government of Canada’s information on ways the municipal/regional, provincial and federal levels of government connect.

– Registration stakeholder information links to and provides all government of Canada information related and relevant information on how to educate and communicate with stakeholders regarding connection with governments in Canada.

InterGovWorld is committed to keeping those who manage governments informed and up to date on the latest developments in how effective and efficient government can be delivered to any community, by sharing the information across Canada.

To view a complete managing government news index. Please click on InterGovWorld, news for more detailed articles on managing the administration of Canada’s Governments and their policy development process.


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