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How to adopt a culture of speed

Almost 80 per cent of organizations say they’ve started on the journey to become more agile, but they’re not really seeing the results yet,...

Encouraging a culture of speed in your organization

Culture is the number one barrier to organizational transformation and success. If you want to get leaner and more agile, definitely assess and streamline...

ReFLEX Rules: The Role of Pervasive Low-cost Networks and Devices in the Future of Mobile Data Messaging

This study examines the future of mobile data messaging (MDM) in general, and the ReFLEX family of low-speed two-way MDM technologies in particular.

Canada preparing to cruise at high speed

If Canadian businesses and consumers thought broadband was a passing fancy, they are now starting to realize that high-speed access is the real deal

Informix builds Foundation

Speed wins, users need to get Web sites

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