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Facebook says prosecution of spammer will continue

A Canadian court has ordered Adam Guerbuez to pay $1 billion, but "the case isn't done," Facebook says

Gaptcha worm bores through Google’s CAPTCHA

A Vietnamese security firm uncovers a malware that is able to thwart Google's optical character recognition-based security feature and flood Gmail's registration page with fictitious names

Why an $873-million court ruling won

A Montreal spammer has been ordered to pay an astronomical settlement fee to Facebook for illegally obtaining user login data and sending out millions of spam messages. But with little chance to collect, industry observers doubt the ruling with deter future cyber crime activities

Tech sector felt the impact of Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced New York governor making headlines this week for being linked to a prostitution ring, is perhaps best known for his aggressive takedown of unethical Wall Street firms during his days as attorney general. But the former prosecutor also played a big role in cleaning up the high-tech and network industries.

Profit to prison time

A CAN-SPAM provision linking the amount of money a spammer make to his sentence could see big-money UCE fiends doing longer stretches

New malware keeps experts guessing

A tricky malicious program has become more prevalent in spam, but experts don't know what its creators plan to do with it.

security expert

McAfee Inc. researchers are forecasting a new type of security headache for IT departments to deal with known as SPIT storms. SPIT (spam over Internet telephony) is an emerging threat that will likely materialize within the next year or two, said Jimmy Kuo, fellow for the McAfee Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT).

Three minutes: The so-called spam king sounds off

Scott Richter talks about spam, spammers, and how he's making the Internet a better place. Although he's been called the Spam King, been labeled one of the most prolific spammers in the world by Spamhaus 's Registry of Known Spam Operations, and been sued for spamming, Scott Richter calls his business electronic marketing. His company,, sends more than 100 million e-mail messages every day. He is settling a lawsuit filed against him by Microsoft Corp. and the New York State Attorney General. An edited transcript of PC World's (U.S.) conversation with Richter follows.

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