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IT cost-cutting tactics: LinkedIn users tell all

In LinkedIn Answers last week, Peter B. Giblett raised the question,

Security benchmark for virtualization

Virtualized IT environments can now be checked against a vendor-neutral security configuration benchmark developed by the Centre for Internet Security

ISO votes to reject Microsoft’s OOXML as standard

The software giant hoped to fast-track its Office-based document format through the International Organization for Standardization, but it doesn't get the necessary votes

EU official chides Microsoft for

European competition commissioner Neelie Kroes hit out at Microsoft in comments to European parliamentarians Thursday, saying it is "unacceptable" that the company continues to gain market share using tactics that were outlawed in the Commission's 2004 antitrust ruling against the software vendor.

Symantec to cut costs by CDN$235 million

With sales of its storage software dropping, Symantec Corp. plans to lay off some staff as part of plans to cut CDN$235 million in expenses.

Test our security service, says Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. has invited consumers to test the latest beta version of its Windows OneCare Live security service. OneCare Live is intended to protect PCs running Windows XP from viruses and hackers, and to keep important documents backed up. The software client which runs the service will automatically download updates to deal with new Internet threats, Microsoft said.

Oracle to buy Indian banking software vendor

Oracle Corp. will buy a majority stake in Indian banking software vendor i-flex Solutions, the latest in a string of acquisitions designed to strengthen the U.S. company's applications business, Oracle announced.

Opening up to a new IT department

Whatever happened to the promised revolution? The hope was that there would be a mass exodus from expensive packaged software to a Web-based share-in-scaled-economies approach. Hope still remains and it

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