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Technology changes that come with the release of the Apple M1 chip

When Apple announced its third hardware event, no one was prepared for the bundle of surprises in the package. The biggest news was about the smallest piece of tech, the M1 chip: a custom-made silicon chip that now powers the newest MacBooks and Mac desktops.

SQL Server 2005 support has ended. What’s a data admin to do?

Organizations should consider the security risks as the server product is officially out of Microsoft's "extended support" product lifecycle phase

Canadian firms not rushing to leave Windows Server 2003

Approximately 70 per cent or large firms and 60 per cent of medium sized firms in the country still have some instances of WS 2003 installed, says IDC

Required system upgrade puts brakes on Quebec’s vanity plates plan

Program will have to be delayed at least until 2017

600 M PCs ripe for Windows 10 upgrade: Intel boss

Renee James, president of Intel Corp. talks about a "perfect storm" for a system upgrade

Users complain about iOS7 upgrade

Users finding it difficult to upgrade their iPhone and iPad devices to Apple Inc.’s new iOS7 mobile operating systems are inundating online Apple forums...

Software upgrade crashes Heathrow’s luggage system

Thousands of passengers were asked to fly without luggage after redundant systems failed at the same time

Foundry switch software secures WLANs

More secure WLANs with AND increased wireless client roaming. Foundry Networks Inc. is working on making it possible.

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