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Solving the Twitter problem

Twitter faces a number of big problems and too many users do not find the site easy to use. If the company more quickly matches user needs by helping them link to great content creators, the site will grow once again.

Microsoft, Cisco go deeper into collaboration

Microsoft announces Team, a workspace for Office 365, while Cisco debuts a portal for connectors to its Spark platform

Social video networks – crossing the chasm?

Live video streaming with mobile Internet devices, which seems to have come out of nowhere, has been taking the Internet by storm.  The two...

Parks Canada pursues wilderness Wi-Fi

Parks steward seeking to put access points in 50 national parks and historic sites this year

#EncryptITWC – An IT World Twitter chat

Updated by Candice So Apr. 24, 2014 at 4:05pm ET: We ran a Twitter chat on encryption under the @itworldca Twitter account. Read...

Will WhatsApp deal push BlackBerry BBM?

The service being purchased by Facebook is worth US$19 billion, making people wonder what BlackBerry can do to monetize BBM

#FollowFriday – Two social media experts

Almost every organization has to have a social media strategy. Here's two experts whose tweets on the topic are informative

IBM reveals next generation email with Mail Next suite

The tool, which integrates into Domino, will use analytics to provide greater inbox management capabilities

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