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Microsoft clarifies Silverlight role

Contrary to rumours, Microsoft's Silverlight development platform has a future, executive Bob Muglia wrote

Microsoft Visual Studio users get Flash capabilities

SapphireSteel positions its technology, Amethyst, as enabling an alternative to Microsoft's Silverlight rich internet application development platform

Vancouver grads build game with government data

Open data can change the gaming industry, says one grad student who co-developed TaxiCity. The Web-based driving game uses Silverlight, Bing Maps and the City of Vancouver's Open Data Catalogue

Windows Phone 7 vs. iPhone: which one wins?

An enterprise programmer shares what he thinks about developing for Windows Phone 7 versus Apple

Microsoft, Adobe have confidence for Silverlight, Flash

Execs at the Open Source Business Conference speak of a symbiotic relationship between the HTML5 standard and their proprietary plug-ins for Web apps

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 developer tools

One of the keys to success for any mobile OS is the strength of its application development community. Find out how Microsoft plans to woo mobile app makers with its newly announced Windows Phone 7 Series development platform

Novell Mono project brings .Net development to Android

MonoDroid will allow for .Net apps on Google Android devices. Mono developers are also readying a version of Silverlight for Apple's iPhone

Microsoft to offer Web analytics for Silverlight

The open source Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework will debut in a beta form, giving developers Web analytics for rich media apps

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