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Antivirus scanning becoming inadequate: Webroot CEO

The company has bought U.K.-based Prevx and will integrate the company's cloud-oriented application profiling into its existing portfolio

Law firms slow to adopt digital signatures

Some companies still demand paper-based documents, despite the advances made in public key infrastructure. Find out what Info-Tech says about the legal industry

New Zealand watchdog warns against posting signatures online

Alert comes after an IT contractor and member of a school board found the institution posted his signature when it scanned a document to its Website

How to block intruders

In the old days, firewalls were often enough to keep hackers out of IT systems. But now vendors are rolling out intrusion prevention systems which block suspicious traffic. How some vendors are combining firewalls with other functions.

Mobile signatures do away with pens

A partnership between two companies to bring mobile signature technology to the mobile device users could help improve wireless security

Security flaw makes GPG crypto vulnerable

Developers of the open-source GnuPG encryption software have reported a security flaw that could allow an attacker to sneak malicious code into a signed e-mail message.

Startup takes aim at online prevention

Business Signatures last month unveiled software aimed at helping financial institutions curb online fraud. Fraud Prevention Solution works to spot fraudulent intent and prevent the perpetrators from executing bad financial transactions. It

TippingPoint leans into network threats

IDS and IPS products have come a long way in a short time, as vendors have been fast to incorporate new detection techniques and bolster defences to an ever-widening range of threats. TippingPoint is one vendor that has blazed the trail to multipronged protection.

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