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Sourcefire to rollout virtual security tool for VMware machines

Sourcefire 3D System 4.9, now in beta, can be used to inspect traffic between two physical hosts, two virtual machines or between a physical host and a virtual machine

U of T investigating possibilities of self-powered large scale networks

Researchers partnering with Motorola in a five-year quest to create a sensor network that can run by itself yet span great distances.

Fujitsu plans to launch palm-vein security overseas

It doesn't take a palm reader to figure out the future of one of Fujitsu Ltd.'s latest security products. The Tokyo company said on Tuesday it will expand sales of its palm-vein biometric security system outside Japan before the end of this year. The system, which relies on the pattern of veins inside a person's hand to verify identity, has been available in Japan since the middle of last year and is already in use in some high-profile applications.

Japanese banks bolster security

Following a rise in fraud and public pressure, many of Japan's financial institutions are turning to technology to make it harder to steal money from their customer's accounts.

How GM uses wireless on plant floors

The use of new wireless technologies is helping manufacturing companies do things they never could before. Large manufacturing facilities are using IT and shop floor integration to access valuable, real-time data on work processes. As Phil Hochmuth writes, companies such as GM have effectively deployed sensor networks that monitor processes and wirelessly transmit crucial data to technicians

ZigBee group clears spec for wireless sensor nets

The ZigBee Alliance has ratified the first specification for wireless sensor networks.

Tool time

Building an IT network that combines exceptional security with exceptional availability was not just a

Wi-Fi takes inventory management to new heights

There's something in the air these days at distribution centers everywhere. From the farmer's field to the warehouse floor, wireless technologies are transforming the way businesses manage inventory. Clipboards and manual data entry are going the way of the adding machine.

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