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Suncor’s John Hill talks IT strategy and leadership

John Hill, Vice President of Digital and Information Technology at Suncor Energy, shares his insights to the benefit of those currently developing their IT strategies as well as those thinking about pursuing senior IT leadership positions.

CIOs stare down global economic woes

Not all businesses will necessarily bear the brunt of the financial industry crisis, according to a pair of seasoned senior technology executives. And not all IT budgets will be cut, either

How to start the green IT conversation with senior execs

In some cases CIOs have not been able to articulate the issues around green IT and perhaps got a negative response from senior management. The problem is we have a very real issue with IT energy consumption

Two Canadians recognized for innovation by CIPA

The main behind a pan-Canadian electronic health record and the head of a local industry association are getting honoured by their peers at an event to be held later this month.

Risky business

CIOs are becoming more involved in risk mitigation for their organizations, with a purview that stretches well beyond the IT department.

Frontiers of risk

It's a safe bet no organization anywhere can be 100 per cent secure. A constantly changing cyberscape helps guarantee this. It's also why security and IT managers can never run and hide from risk management and threat assessment.

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