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REVIEW: Cisco IPS 7.0 raises the bar with reputation filtering

New global threat correlation feature boosts effectiveness of intrusion prevention devices but could use a more detailed reports. Find out about Cisco

Juniper SRX 5800: Biggest firewall ever

With its sixteen 10 Gigabit Ethernet intefaces, this machine handles a lot of traffic. But it

Juniper adds router, switch coverage to security manager

Juniper now calls its NSM software Network Security Manager after adding coverage for many of its switches and routers. The company now claims it offers a unified security and infrastructure management solution

Simplifying Security

Network security professionals are finding a better way to do more with less is to invest in security products that automate tasks, such as responses to particular types of attacks.

Security a hot market

Industry observers watching the IT security job market are pointing to up-and-coming areas such as computer forensics and wireless security for the hottest jobs. The better-paying positions overall, however, are going to security professionals with management responsibilities rather than simply technical roles.

Novell unveils security appliance

Novell Inc. last month launched a software-based security appliance for small and midsized businesses that will protect them from threats such as hackers, viruses,...

Security pros being rewarded

Although these are hard times for many in the IT industry, the status of information security professionals is on the rise - at least based on how much they're getting paid.

The hacker in all of us

"How do you spell pillage?" asked Fred Norwood, manager of information infrastructure technology at El Paso Energy...

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