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Rambus unlawfully monopolized markets, says FTI

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission unanimously decided that Rambus Inc. unlawfully created a monopoly for certain technologies used in the DRAM (dynamic RAM) memory chip standard. The decision is a blow to Rambus. The commission did not decide how best to penalize Rambus for the conduct.

Sony pumps Vaio models with Intel, AMD chips

Sony Electronics Inc. announced Monday its fall lineup of Vaio notebook computers will have faster microprocessors and larger displays than previous models.

Intel introduces new chip set for Pentium 4

Intel Corp. announced yesterday the launch of its Intel 845 chip set for Pentium 4 processor-based PCs.

Intel introduces new Pentium 4 chipset

Intel Corp. on Monday met the demands of system manufacturers and unveiled a new chipset that will allow the Pentium 4 microprocessor to be used with DDR-DRAM (double data rate dynamic random access memory) and SDRAM (synchronous DRAM) chips rather than more expensive Rambus DRAM chips.

Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

Barrett: Intel will ride economic storm

Faced with an uncertain economic climate, Intel Corp. president and CEO Craig Barrett sought to deliver a strong message Tuesday that the chip giant can ride out the current economic downturn on the strength of its broad product offerings and by continuing to invest heavily in new technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric and Rambus ink licensing pact

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has become the seventh memory chipmaker to agree to pay royalties to Rambus Inc. for some of the most commonly used computer memory interface technologies, the Mountain View, Calif.-based technology developer announced Tuesday.

Pentium 4 ships and is a disappointment at 1.5GHz:

Intel releases its long awaited Pentium 4 today to a surprise: PC WorldBench tests suggest you'll be initially served every bit as well, if not better, by older Pentium IIIs and Advanced Micro Devices Athlons.

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