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Brocade Communications, which acquired Foundry Wednesday, said today founder Bobby Johnson will not join the new company. Get the scoop on the executive shakeup

Diskless wonder: Lenovo boots from the SAN

Thin clients save money in the long run, but they can be a pain to pay for up front. Lenovo is trying to avoid the whole hassle by booting up hard-drive-free systems from the SAN. It just might work, says analyst

Keeping it cheap and simple with SANs

Jeff Pieper's marketing design business runs on data, and he doesn't mind swapping out a server or fiddling with cabling here and there.

Upgrade disasters made very simple

In the infinite wisdom of the powers on high, our CIO got approval to carryout simultaneous system chnages, during a one-week rollout!

Microsoft to patch Windows, Office security flaws

With hackers exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in its Windows and Office software, Microsoft Corp. plans to issue 11 security updates on Tuesday.

Contractor held for Veterans Affairs data theft

Authorities have charged a 21 year-old Unisys Corp. subcontractor with stealing a desktop computer with billing information on as many as 38,000 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical patients.

Sydney school gets serious about storage

In a sign that storage area networks (SANs) are extending their reach in to mid-tier enterprises, a Sydney high school has deployed 10TB of capacity for its data management and disaster recovery requirements.

Hackers target unpatched Microsoft software flaw

Hackers are actively using exploit code to target a flaw in Microsoft Corp.'s software that generated a special warning from the U.S. government last week. The problem concerns a networking function called Windows Server services within the Windows OS, used for file sharing and printing.

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