Articles Related to RFID tags

U.S. travelers start using RFID-tagged passports June 1

Despite fears that RFID chips can be cracked, Canada's own ePassport program is scheduled to roll out by 2011

GovSym raises notion of central IT security agency

A conference for public sector technology professionals examines the efforts needed to identify risks, threats and strategies to prevent data loss. Symantec's CIO discusses the need to balance protection with openness

Staples Business Depot puts together Active RFID

The company is reducing shrink, boosting sales and eliminating the need to do inventory counts on high-ticket items. And, oh yes, the system has so far not made a single reading mistake. A look at trial without error

RFID goes beyond inventory tracking

Payment cards, access control and health care are examples of the many uses of radiofrequency identification. Get Info-Tech

U.S. RFID passports, drivers’ licenses vulnerable to snooping

RFID-enabled cards can be read and copied by hackers hiding as far as 150 feet away

Washington approves RFID anti-spying law

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoir this week signed a bill making it a Class C felony to use RFID technology to spy on someone. The bill was signed about a week after the Washington State Senate unanimously passed Bill 1031, which makes it a crime to intentionally scan people's identification remotely without their knowledge and consent, for the purpose of fraud, identity theft, or some other illegal purpose.

Germany’s Metro tests RFID in Chinese supplier chain

Metro AG has expanded the use of smart tags from its stores in Europe to key producers in China as the German retail giant moves to optimize its global logistics chain.

US govt axes RFID for border security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now looking to alternative technologies for its border security system after RFID tags failed to work as expected in a 15-month test.

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