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Update your DNS systems, experts urge

A U.S. IT security watchdog has issued a warning about security holes that would let hackers redirect e-mail and spoof Web sites. Canadian experts offer some advice

Google expands its Code Search site

Google has updated its Google Code Search site for finding publicly available source code, adding greater coverage and improvements in ranking and access.

Secure64 builds DNS appliance with Itanium server

Secure64 Software Corp. has released software to turn an Itanium 2 server into a secure DNS (domain name service) appliance it says can handle 100,000 queries per second

AJAX can amplify threats, analysts say

Organizations considering the use of Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) technologies to create more dynamic Web sites need to ensure they are not inadvertently opening doors into otherwise secure applications, analysts have warned.

Blackberry open to attack, RIM warns users

Two recently announced vulnerabilities in BlackBerry Enterprise Server permit a malicious attack that can prevent users from being able to open e-mail attachments, or disrupt the flow of information between BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Router, the system's developer, Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), said.

Symantec testing

Engineers within Symantec Corp.

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