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Canada partners with Amazon Canada to distribute essential equipment

The Government of Canada today announced it has signed an agreement with Amazon Canada, allowing the tech giant to distribute medical equipment to the...

IT will make U.K. the innovation nation, says Prime Minister Brown

New technology ideas will make Britain "the innovation nation" of the future, according to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. "I want to break down every barrier to innovation, whether it is our policy or our attitudes to regulation," he said.

Elected officials’ role in a citizen-centric world

Much of the discussion around IT governance and service transformation centres on the public sector's internal architecture. The undertone of such conversations is technological organizational innovation. Interesting to note that despite this being government, politics has no role - elected officials apparently not required.

Prime Minister slates New Zealand broadband

In the strongest indication yet that Telecom faces further regulation, Prime Minister Helen Clark slated broadband offerings for New Zealanders in her opening address to Parliament. She called for new initiatives for faster internet access at more competitive prices.

Australian government’s CIO promises more reforms

Australia's federal government CIO, Ann Steward, has used her first public speech to make all the right political noises and warn government CIOs and IT managers they must clean up their own backyards and learn to share infrastructure with their peers without quarreling.

Interview with Arthur Carty

Arthur Carty is Canada


Former insider reveals a few secrets, doles out enterprise advice.

VIPs celebrate wireless legacy

Canada is an example of what the rest of the world can achieve, Prime Minister Jean Chr

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