Articles Related to power management

Ontario suffered more blackouts than any other province in 2017: Eaton

A report on Canada's blackouts shows that Ontario suffers more than its fair share.

Is dirty power cleaning you out?

Daily fluctuations from electrical equipment can cause cumulative power hazards, system and equipment breakdown, loss of productivity and tie-up IT personnel as well

The care and feeding of li-ions

The basics still stand, but changes in gadgetry mean some changes in how you treat your lithium-ion battery

Ease vs. risk: Remote data centre power management

You can now run just about anything in a data center remotely

Firms that talk green IT aren

While green IT is still a concern for most firms, many companies are skipping the long-term investment projects such as IT energy measurement, and settling for the

Nvidia’s mobile chips could get Transmeta technology

An Insight 64 analyst says their LongRun technology could be used to help prevent chips from overheating. Now Nvidia plans to improve its processors power-performance ratios

HP workstation at PC price

Hewlett Packard Co. announces an affordable workstation with the advantages of a Quad-Core Opteron processor from AMD. And the workstation is green

IBM experiments with 3D virtual data centre

A Big Blue project allows IT managers to monitor a three-dimensional, real-time view of their computing resources, even if they are spread across the globe. Looks like Second Life, but this is no game

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