Articles Related to power consumption

Data centre power demands halt housing development in three U.K. boroughs

It’s no surprise that data centres use a lot of electricity, but what is happening in three boroughs in west London has taken that...

The care and feeding of li-ions

The basics still stand, but changes in gadgetry mean some changes in how you treat your lithium-ion battery

HP laptop cuts power consumption, extends battery life

The Power Assistant feature on HP

AMD working on very low-power Shanghai processors

Chip battle heats up even more as AMD promises to outgun Intel with its new quad-core Opteron EE chips that will deliver similar performance to its predecessors while drawing significantly less power

Storage market makes room for ‘content depots’

Huge spikes in demand in the amount of information being managed are opening up opportunities for network-based repositories for images and movies, but there are business implications, too. An IDC analyst explains

Mobile network builder looks to IKEA for inspiration

Developing countries often lack people with technical skills, so a Swedish-Indian startup has taken assembly ideas from the furniture maker to make it easier to set up a wireless network

Seagate unveils Cheetah 15k.6 hard drive

The drive is said to be more energy-efficient than previous versions and has data transfer rates of 164 MB per second.

Outsourcer, storage vendor tout their green strategies

An executive from EDS, which employs hardware recycling firms, warns many entry-level servers are underutilized. Meanwhile, EMC says virtualization can cut energy costs.

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