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Hashtag Trending – Sonos files for IPO; your AI might be human; Pokémon Go turns two

Smart speaker maker Sonos goes public. The Guardian writes about certain tech companies using humans to power their AI platforms instead of machine learning....

Hashtag Trending – Google makes it easier to build the next Pokémon Go; iHeartMedia files for bankruptcy; Tesla producing flawed parts?

Google has opened its Maps app to developers hoping to create the next Pokémon Go. iHeartRadio owner iHeartMedia has filed for bankruptcy. And a...

What would Alan Turing think about Pokémon Go?

What would Alan Turing have to say about Pokémon Go?

Why IT leaders should pay attention to augmented reality

It's clear that the success of Pokémon Go may prompt new business applications with augmented reality in mind

Why I’m playing Pokémon Go and why you should too

Pokémon Go provides a taste of the future in augmented reality systems. But does it justify all the attention the game is getting, and more importantly, is it enough to keep the momentum going?

The risks of playing Pokémon Go: How to be safe online and offline

Pokémon Go creates risk in the cyber world and in the real world. Here's how to protect yourself

Watch where you connect your accounts

With Pokemon Go making a world-wide splash and changing the gaming landscape, users must know the security issues that accompany the augmented reality game. Third part access to accounts isn't a new issue, but minimizing the risk is important.

Augmented reality: what does the popularity of Pokémon Go mean for the enterprise?

At the moment Pokémon Go is entertaining millions and capturing media buzz. Concurrently, the much bigger AR business opportunities are receiving huge investment but much less attention

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