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Crewdle offers secure, simple and sustainable video conferencing by leveraging peer-to-peer technologies

Although Montreal-based Crewdle is still in its infancy as a company, it can already lay two big claims: it’s the greenest video-conferencing service in...

Video interview: A Canadian at the centre of the Internet

Al Burgio's International Internet Exchange (IIX) allows enterprises to peer with other exchanges

FTC warns nearly 100 firms of P2P data leaks

In what appears to be a warning shot, the FTC has sent out letters to about 100 companies, informing them about sensitive and confidential data from their networks being found on publicly available P2P networks.

ANALYSIS: The three tech risks you don’t know about

Having your laptop confiscated by customs is just the beginning. The dangers of border searches, net neutrality, content filtering and Web monitoring.

Regulator must weigh conflicting claims

Angry at the telco's move to slow peer-to-peer traffic, a ISP group has demanded the regulator put an end to the practice. But Bell says it isn't targeting content providers, just one type of traffic

Skype: Is it hazardous to your network

While not exactly a low-profile endeavour before its recent acquisition by eBay, Skype is sure to be an even greater presence on the Internet and on home computers

Sun sees Jxta gathering steam

Sun Microsystems Inc. says its Jxta technology for peer-to-peer computing is gathering steam and may soon make its way into some of its own products.

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