Articles Related to packet loss

Apposite, Shunra optimize testing tools for VOIP net

WAN-emulation vendors have unveiled updates to their testing tools that promise to give network managers more insight into how applications will perform under real-world conditions across the wide area network.

Happy ending to film distribution firm’s file transfer tale

Rain Network, an indie film distributor based in Sao Paulo, replaced a costly satellite-based film transmission system with a cheaper but faster Web-based application developed by Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. of Ottawa. And the payoff was stupendous

NIPC warns of cyberattacks, but impact is slight

Despite a warning Monday from the U.S. government of impending cyberattacks, little impact has been seen at the Web sites and companies expected to be targeted.

Muttering about voice over IP

What is it about voice over IP (VoIP) that creates such passionate dogmatism? Far too much of what passes for debate about the future of voice over IP is dominated by assertions of perfect foreknowledge.

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