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Data centres turn to outsourcing to meet capacity needs

The Uptime Institute says large companies are putting workloads in third-party data centres. A new survey lists the primary ways companies said they would boost capacity

IT outsourcing study highlights barriers to innovation

A new survey of IT leaders reveals 67 percent rely on outsourcers to turn ideas into improved processes. Yet, a dismal third actually measure the impact of innovation delivered by service providers

Three reasons your outsourcer won

A Forrester Research survey explains why IT departments aren

Pearson airport, IBM ink $130M outsourcing deal

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has outsourced its entire IT infrastructure to IBM Canada so that air carriers will now be billed by IBM on a unique per use basis based on business metrics. It

Save money now!

Our readers share their low- to no-investment tips to make a quick dent in IT

HP’s new architecture tackles IT sprawl

Hewlett-Packard announced HP Converged Infrastructure architecture and HP Converged Infrastructure Consulting Services based on a new architecture to reduce customer footprint while allowing for new business. One analyst said big technology vendors like HP finally get it

New Zealand Health SAN collecting dust since 2006

Originally, IBM was to host the system, but the plan became fouled up

Employees wary of VoIP security

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are more suspicious of voice-over-IP security than they are of the traditional phone network and even more suspicious than they are of Wi-Fi, according to an IDC study sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

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