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Browser ranking on malware report

A new report from independent tester NSS Labs shows IE9 far surpassing Chrome 12, Firefox 4, Safari 5 and Opera 11. But an Info-Tech Research analyst is surprised that, besides IE9, the others ranked

EU may demand rival browsers in Windows

Faced with increasing accusations of anti-competition acts in Europe, Microsoft and OEMs could be forced to bundle multiple browsers in new Windows-based PCs


Telus is offering this handset for $449 without a contract. It includes a 2.8-inch touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.1


Microsoft Corp. late Wednesday unveiled a mobile Web browser aimed at making surfing the Internet on wireless devices as convenient and feature-rich as browsing on a PC.

Big browser is watching you

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and other browsers keep accurate records of your online activities, and not just in their history records. Clearing out the virtual breadcrumbs in your internet cache and browser histories preserves your privacy and can improve your PC

Surge in browser bugs this year, says Symantec

Hackers found 47 bugs in Mozilla Corp.'s open-source browsers and 38 bugs in Internet Explorer (IE) during the first six months of this year. That's up significantly from the 17 Mozilla and 25 IE bugs found in the previous six months, according to Symantec Corp.'s twice-yearly Internet Security Threat Report.

JavaScript flaw leaves every browser open to attack

A new browser flaw could allow attackers to trick users into giving up sensitive information such as passwords. The flaw is unusual in that it affects every mainstream browser, and can be exploited on the Mac OS X operating system as easily as on Windows, said security company Secunia.

Now HP says ditch Netscape

Internet Explorer isn't the only browser companies are being urged to drop due to ongoing security problems. Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is now also recommending users erase America Online Inc.'s (AOL) Netscape browser from their hard drives due to a hair-raising list of "potential" vulnerabilities allowing denials of service, information leaks, unauthorized access and remote malicious code execution.

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